11 верасня 2006

Russian "philosopher": 9/11 inspired anti-american movement

In this post, an America-hating blogger from Russia says that the events of 9/11 inspired the anti-American movement for times to come. The most important conclusion from 9/11, he says, is that America is vulnerable, it can actually be blown up.

Then he goes on a rant about how he wouldn't mind doing it himself. While the idiot is pathetic in his impotent hatred, I actually agree with his points: America is vulnerable, and 9/11 did inspire a lot of anti-Americanism, both here and abroad.


Anonymous Ананім said...

anti-american mouvement is not against amercia it self but against the american politics and capitalisme. AND USELESS WARS CUZ ALL WAR IS USELESS
thank u

2:46 PM  
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