16 верасня 2006

Feminist Conversation with Jessica

No, not the beautiful Jessica who plays guitar in our band. I'm talking about the not-so-beautiful Jessica of the blog called "feministing". There's a whole scandal going on, courtesy of Ann Althouse. So, there is this photograph with a bunch of horny cows surrounding Bill Clinton (just because some of them are male, doesn't mean they are not cows), one of them sticking her boobs into the camera's lense. When Althouse mentioned that, the girl came forward and went bananas. I pitched in, and hilarity ensued. Read the other comments for some hysterical ass-kissing, as well as the usual feminist idiotisms about "patriarchal line" and "perceived intentions". I've known some smart, good-looking feminists, but for the most part, feminism seems to be an excuse for a (usually) dumb, ugly female to be a bitch yet think she's a princess.

From Jessica's post:
What's worse is that this comes from other women, other progressives, and other supposed feminists. How are we supposed to move forward as a movement if we're busy bashing each other with this ridiculousness?

How are you supposed to "move forward as a movement" if you do exactly what you condemn - i.e., advertise yourself as a sexual object? Got hypocricy, baby?

How exactly am I advtertising myself as a sexual object?

Gosh, what a difficult question. Let me guess...
By using your boobs to attract attention?

You mean, by HAVING boobs? What would you like me to do, asshole? Bind them down so you're not distracted?

Jessica, your boobs are not that distracting. What's distracting, apart from your "asshole" thing, is your cluelessness. You rub your boobs in your readers' faces, which would be fine if you didn't deny it. You're a clown and you don't even know it.


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