16 верасня 2006

Deep Thoughts on Feminism

I just realized that feminism is the best blog topic, because it contains the most comedic fodder, in other words - stupidity. The whole idea that one should be a feminist these days in America, is almost like campaigning for the rights of opressed Muslim men in Iran or Saudi Arabia - the difference being that feminists in America are not allowed to do things to us that Muslim men do to women in Asia and Africa. If they were, I'm afraid some of them would be happy to do that - humiliate, mutilate...After all, that's what they do to themselves.

This so-called "feminism" humiliates and mutilates a woman, because it says it's wrong to be a sex object. What man doesn't want to be a sex object? What woman doesn't want to be attractive? And this idocy that feminists try to force themselves to believe, makes them come up with all kinds of bullshit theory and long meaningless words. It makes them grow armpit hair and be mean to men. It makes them surround themselves with men without balls, and pussywhip those who have them - or at least used to have them. It makes these women lonely, unhappy, and fat.

Gosh, I could go on and on. This is a goldmine. In my next post, I should write how men want to be pussywhipped. Oh, we want it badly. Rob Shapiro is a genius. I'll tell you later.


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